Young Consumers of the Year Competition 2014/15

The TSI Young Consumers of the Year Competition is a unique competition for schools and youth groups in England, Scotland and Wales.

The competition is organised by the Trading Standards Institute and its Consumer Education Liaison Group; it allows teams of four 14-17 year olds to compete in a knockout consumer quiz

the competition:

  • tests students on a wide range of issues including consumer and law, food and health, safety and the environment, managing money and finance, credit and the European dimension.
  • makes students aware of their consumer responsibilities and rights.

why is it important? 

Current and proposed changes to consumer landscape make it even more vital that young people are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make well informed choices and enforce their rights!


Thanks to national and local sponsors, there are individual and team rewards at regional and national level. The ovewrall winners will receive £1000 for their school and the Young Consumers of the Year Trophy, plus a £50 voucher for themselves and lots of other goodies