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Aim of Service

The aim of the Metrology section is to ensure that all weighing and measuring equipment in use for trade is accurate and that underweight or short measure goods are not sold.

Most weighing and measuring equipment used for trade purposes is legally required to be verified before use. Image: Testing Supermarket Scales The verification process involves checking the equipment for accuracy and compliance with any design and installation requirements that may have been imposed upon it. This testing is commonly carried out by Weights & Measures Inspectors employed by the Local Authority, but can also be by certain other 'approved bodies'. The process is sometimes known as stamping - equipment that has been verified will bear either a crown/date stamp or an EU mark/date and can be impressed onto a lead seal attached to the equipment, a printed sticker or, in the case of glassware (e.g. beer glasses), etched onto the measure.
Our Trading Standards Officers carry out initial verification of a range of equipment, including petrol pumps, shop scales, beer meters, tyre pressure gauges and weighing equipment installations in factories. They also re-verify all types of equipment after adjustment or repairs have been made.

Examples where equipment is in use for trade includes the following:

  • Image: Checking Petrol PumpsScales in use for weighing groceries in shops.
  • Weighbridges, including Public Weighbridges (See list below for Sheffield).
  • Petrol pumps at retail outlets.
  • Beer meters, glasses and optics* in pubs and restaurants.
  • Factory equipment used for measuring goods that will be for sale.
  • Person weighing machines used in Doctors' Surgeries and hospitals are included in this category.
  • (*Only certain spirits must be sold via stamped optics, these being whisky, gin, rum and vodka.)

Our Inspectors also carry out unannounced inspections to businesses, including pubs, shops, petrol stations and factories to check that the accuracy of equipment in use for trade is maintained. They have the power to disqualify any equipment that they find to be inaccurate, or being improperly used by striking out the stamp. It is illegal to use equipment that has had the stamp removed until it has been repaired and re-verified. During their inspections, Trading Standards Officers will also check packaged goods for accuracy.

Calibration Services

If you require calibration of weights, measures of length, capacity measures etc. within the Yorkshire region, Sheffield Trading Standards are able to deal with some classes of Weight Calibration as well as the calibration of Tankards and 1 metre length measures.

For details, Contact Sheffield Trading Standards (Metrology) on 0114 273 6291.

See also East Riding Test Laboratory and the West Yorkshire Calibration Laboratory

If your business is situated outside of the Yorkshire region, please contact your local Trading Standards/Weights & Measures service in the first instance, they should be able to advise you according to your requirements.

Public Weighbridges

List of Public Weighbridges in Sheffield

  • European Metal Recycling Ltd: East Coast Road, Sheffield S9 3YD;
    Tel: 0114 262 6590;
    Image: Weighbridge Testing Open Monday - Thursday 7:30am-4.30pm; Friday 7:30am-3:30pm and Saturday 7:00am-11:30pm;
    Capacity 50,000Kg.
  • Sheffield Forgemasters, Gate No.2, Brightside Lane, Sheffield S9 2RW;
    Tel 0114 251 9037;
    Open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Capacity 60,000Kg.
  • G B Housley; Effingham Road, Sheffield S9 3QB;
    Tel 0114 241 4122;
    Open Monday to Friday 8:00am-4:00pm;
    Capacity 40,000Kg.

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