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Personal Licences

Licence Summary

If an individual wants to supply alcohol or authorise the sale of alcohol within a licensed premises they must have a personal licence.

The personal licence will enable the individual to carry out the sale of alcohol in a licensed premises anywhere within England and Wales.

Personal licences are valid for ten years unless surrendered or suspended or revoked or declared forfeit by the courts.  Once granted, the licensing authority which issued the licence remains the “relevant authority” for it and its holder, even though the individual may move out of the area or take employment elsewhere.  The personal licence itself will give details of the issuing licensing authority.


Regulation Summary


Copies of relevant legislation can be found at this external site



Application Process

The applicant must submit an application form to the relevant licensing authority with the appropriate fee of £37.00.

The applicant must be: 

  • aged 18 or over;

  • possesses a licensing qualification accredited by the Secretary of State.  The Home Office control the list of accredited Personal Licence qualification providers and a list of course providers can be found on their website.  Please contact the providers direct, for information on courses, costs and local availability.

  • not have forfeited a personal licence within five years of his/her application; and

a) the police have not issued an objection notice following notification of any unspent relevant offence or foreign offence; or 

b) the police have issued an objection notice, but the licensing authority has not considered it necessary to reject the application on crime prevention grounds: and 

An application for the grant or renewal of a personal licence shall be accompanied by two photographs of the applicant which shall be:-

  • Taken against a light background so that the applicant’ features are distinguishable and contrast against the background

  • 45 millimetres by 35 millimetres

  • full face uncovered and without sunglasses and, unless the applicant wears a head covering due to his religious belief, without a head covering

  • on photographic paper, and

  • one of which is endorsed with a statement verifying the likeness of the photograph to the applicant by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing in the community or any individual with a professional qualification.

In order to substantiate whether or not an applicant has a conviction for an unspent relevant offence, all applicants will need to produce to the licensing authority either:

  • a criminal record conviction certificate issued under Section 112 of the Police Act 1977(a)

  • a criminal record certificate issued under Section 113A of the Police Act 1997 or 

  • the results of a subject access search under the Data Protection Act 1998(b) of the Police National Computer by the National Identification Service

Such certificate or search result shall be issued no earlier than one calendar month before the giving of the application to the relevant licensing authority for it to be considered as valid.

Applications forms for obtaining this certificate/subject access search are available from Cleveland Police  (

You can apply online for a "Basic Disclosure" with Disclosure Scotland and there is a fee payable to them.

If you have been convicted of any relevant offence or foreign offence you must provide details for each conviction, this must include the name and location of the convicting court, details of the offence of which you were convicted and the sentence imposed.

If there are convictions for any relevant or foreign offence, the licensing authority will give a notice to the chief officer of police for the area.  If the police make no objections within a 14 day period, the licence will be granted.  


How To Apply

To apply for a Personal Licence please download and complete the appropriate form below.


Application Form


Application For Grant Of A Personal Licence


Disclosure Of Convictions and Declaration


Notification Of Change Of Address


Notice Of Surrender Of A Personal Licence


Application For Renewal Of A Personal Licence |View|



Guidance Notes


To view guidance documents please select the appropriate link below:


Licensing Policy Statement 2011

Guidance & Information Relating To The Licensing Act 2003

Fees And Charges